What are the benefits of a SIM-only mobile plan?

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You’re considering buying a shiny new phone, amazing! But you’re feeling a bit confused about whether its best to opt for a contract or take the plunge and go SIM only. In this article we take a closer look at why a SIM only mobile plan is the savviest option…

So, what actually is a SIM only mobile plan?

You’ve heard about all your friends switching to SIM only deals, but you’re still not entirely sure what this means – that’s okay, we’re here to help explain all! Basically, the idea behind a SIM only plan is that you buy a new phone outright or keep your existing one, and then pop in a low-cost SIM card that includes a specific amount of texts, minutes and mobile data that you pay for on a monthly basis. Sounds great, eh? Well keep on reading…

Opting to go SIM only can often be a more cost-effective way of funding your mobile phone – many find it easier to pay out a larger lump sum to buy a new phone (or pay nothing by keeping your current device) and then have a considerably smaller outgoing payment each month. With a traditional phone contract, you are paying a premium price each month as you are continually paying off the handset cost as well as the mobile service tariff (texts, minutes and data). With a SIM only plan you will save money each month as there is no handset cost to factor in, you’re simply paying for the services you use. Simple!

"You can often save hundreds of pounds per year by getting a low-cost SIM card for your mobile phone” - Ken's Tech Tips

Why would I choose to go SIM-only?

As if saving £££ each month wasn’t enough, I mean imagine all the extra highlighter you can buy with that left-over cash, there are also a number of other perks when you switch to a SIM only mobile plan:

Firstly, a SIM only plan is brilliant for those who are fresh out of their phone contracts, freeeedom! If you adore your current handset device (and more importantly your huge collection of pretty phone cases) you can simply pop in a new SIM and you're good to go. Simple and effortless. You still get to keep your fave phone and you’re paying a cheaper tariff for your texts, calls and data – everyone’s a winner!

Secondly, if you’ve just bought the latest must-have mobile, a SIM only plan allows you to focus solely on the service tariffs available, without the added worry of getting a great deal on the specific handset that you want. SIM only plans are often quite flexible with minutes, calls and data – so if you know you’re a proper chatterbox you can opt for a SIM plan that is tailored specifically for a large allowance of minutes, for example the Superdrug Mobile SIM plan offers unlimited calls. The moral of the story being buy the phone up-front now and negotiate your tariff later, completely on your terms.

Thirdly, a SIM only plan is perfect for someone who is looking for flexibility. Traditional contracts often tie you down for 24 months or longer and this kind of agreement can often feel quite restrictive. Some SIM only plans allow you to make much less of a commitment – as little as 30 days with Superdrug Mobile. A contract free SIM places the power is in your hands, you’re free to stick around or make an exit whenever you wish. And you also don’t have to stress about any early exit fees, cya!

Lastly, a SIM only plan is great for an ‘in-between fix’. If you’re in between handsets and waiting for Apple/Samsung to drop their next big player into the phone sphere, a SIM only plan will tide you over in the meantime.

Finally, convinced?

As well as saving your cash, there are many other benefits to swapping to a SIM only mobile plan as opposed a phone contract. It offers the tariffs you want at a much lower price point when compared to traditional contracts. Its also provides a very flexible option if you don’t want to commit to a long contract. Find out more about the Superdrug Mobile SIM here; it includes unlimited calls and texts, plus 4GB of data for just £10 a month.

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