6 Free Apps To Make You More Productive

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Sometimes it can feel like you’re juggling too many balls: you have a long to-do list at work, some hefty chores at home, and you’re trying to find time to catch up on your favourite Netflix shows too! And do you get distracted easily when you should be ploughing through your task list? Well, you can harness the power of these six top mobile apps to start feeling more productive. You’ll be happy you tried them and they’re all free to download!

The Best Apps To Help You Become More Productive

1. Blast Your To-Do List With Any.do!

When you have a lot on, the best way to keep on top of all your tasks and chores is to make to-do lists; writing things down and setting reminders means that you’ll save lots of time and energy. Plus, ticking things off your list can feel pretty satisfying and give you a sense of achievement!

Check out Any.do to stay on top of work tasks, personal admin and even your grocery list with easy-to-set smart reminders. The app will even automatically sort your grocery list by aisle, making your shop easier and quicker - pretty amazing right? We think so! This app syncs across all your devices and you can add tasks using your smart assistant or email them to your any.do account, as well as share your lists with others. We love how user-friendly this app is and the fact that it syncs with your calendar is an added bonus so you can organise your life all in one place.

2. Pocket Your Distractions For Later

If you find yourself disappearing down an internet wormhole or staying off task when you have something more important to be getting on with then Pocket could be the answer! Pocket is a digital storage space for web pages, videos and any other content that you like the look of; add the Pocket extension to your browser so that you can save pages for later. Or, if you’re on someone else’s device, you can email it to your pocket account. That way, you’ll avoid getting distracted and stay on track with your current task! Think of Pocket as a personal Pinterest where you can go for a dose of relaxation. Top tip: tag content by topic to keep it organised.

3. Take Teamwork To The Next Level With Trello

Are you currently collaborating on any projects? Or do you have lots of your own tasks to keep track of and organise. Whether you want to add some structure to your day at work or you’re planning a more personal project, Trello can help you move faster. Trello is a colourful, multi-device app that allows you to work with anyone (or just you) using simple boards that you can populate with lists and cards to lay out your project plan, assign tasks and adjust their status. Use one of Trello’s template boards or start your own to get your projects off the ground and gain clarity on what needs doing next!

4. Find Your Focus By Growing A Digital Forest

We all just love our mobiles. However, we sometimes need to give them a little bit of space. Especially when we’re working or studying; if you’re working on an important project then you might find yourself procrastinating by scrolling through social media. However, with Forest you can make sure your mobile is a helpful productivity booster. If you’ve ever heard of the “Pomodoro Technique” for time management then you’ll know that concentrating on your work for sprints of 25 minutes with short breaks in between can be super beneficial to your focus. Forest gamifies this approach, planting a seedling whenever you start a timer. If you manage to stay on task then your tree will grow whereas accessing other apps will kill it, oops!

5. Keep Your Head Above Water With Otter Voice Notes

If you’ve got a busy work life and find yourself rushing from one meeting to another, it can be hard to process everything that you hear during the day. With this nifty voice recording app, you can record meetings, notes to yourself, and even sync recordings from Zoom meetings to be transcribed. Share meeting summaries and collaborate with team members in the Otter.ai app, and view transcripts in real time, highlighting the important bits! We think this definitely takes the pressure off your note taking and with 600 free minutes a month, this will keep everyone in sync while supercharging your productivity! As it’s AI-powered, it will even learn to recognise different speakers, after some training - pretty cool, right?

6. Drop Your Files Into Dropbox For Access Everywhere!

Sound simple? That’s because it is! Dropbox is the app that really bought us the cloud; before there was iCloud or the G-Suite, everyone was using Dropbox and it’s still going strong. You can sign up for a free account which enables you to share content across devices with ease, regardless of your operating system. Hunting for a pic that you took two years ago on a different device? Search for it easily on your Dropbox app. Plus, we love the fact that you’ll be able to save on mobile storage space by keeping more in the cloud! This app is easy to use, free and also makes it easy to share your docs with others!

Feeling More Productive Already? You’ve Got This!

These apps are a must when it comes to streamlining your tasks and helping you reach your goals by improving your productivity! They’re all free (although some do have premium versions with extra features if you get completely hooked) so give them a go and see how much more efficient you’ll become. If you need a little extra mobile data because you’re bossing the multi-tasking thing then check out our SIM-only plan which comes with 4GB data and unlimited calls and texts.

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