5 Messaging Apps You Should Have On Your Mobile

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Do you like to share pretty much every detail of your life with your mates? Although text messages still have their place, let’s face it, most people now chat on messaging apps instead. Whether you’re connected to the Wi-Fi or using your mobile data, messaging apps offer so many features that a text just won’t cover, all completely free. You probably already have your favourite app! However, if you want to branch out or try some of the new apps your friends are using, take a look at our top picks.

What Are The Best Messaging Apps To Keep Your Friends In The Loop?

1. The Most Popular Of All Messaging Apps, WhatsApp

The best way to find out what’s up with your mates is WhatsApp - this can only be described as the mother of all messaging apps, allowing you to send unlimited messages, wherever you are in the world. Most people already have this app on their mobile so you’ll see all your contacts in the app already (you’ll need to allow them to sync though). WhatsApp settings are sooo easy; you can set a cute photo as your profile pic and create a group chat in just a few taps. It’s also super safe, with end to end encryption and an easy blocking feature - just in case... The only catch is this app is so popular that your parents are probably on it too, so just try not to send the wrong thing to them by mistake! We’ve all been there.

2. Viber Strikes The Right Kind Of Vibe

You might not have heard of this neat little purple app yet; lots of people have this as well as WhatsApp or even use it as an alternative. It’s also encrypted and has a secret chat feature, plus it allows you to make free calls to anyone else with the app. Viber is especially useful if you need to call a landline or mobile overseas as it offers great, low rates. It’s got a similar interface to WhatsApp - just in purple - and we happen to think that the free emoji and sticker options are pretty cute! With their push notifications, you can reply to messages without even needing to go into the app.

3. Messaging Your Facebook Friends Is Super Easy

Are you already a Facebook fan? Well you can easily message any of your Facebook friends through the Messenger app; unlike most other messaging apps where you can only message your mobile contacts, with Facebook you can message all of your Facebook friends - and send a message request if they’re not officially your FB friend already. Pretty cool, yass?! If you’re already browsing Facebook and you want to message someone, all you need to do is click the little message icon and you’ll jump straight into the messaging app… smooth!

4. Send A Telegram In The 21st Century

Telegram boasts being the fastest messaging app around. Our favourite feature is being able to delete and edit messages in the app even once they've already been sent. We've all had one of those oops moments! You can also reply to specific messages in a thread, similarly to WhatsApp, and Telegram can be used simultaneously across all of your devices. In Snapchat style, the app also has a sneaky Secret Chat feature that lets you send timed messages that are deleted once the time limit is reached.

5. Kick Back Virtually With Your Mates

Kik has a clean, modern messaging interface that is so simple to use. Something that sets it apart from other apps is it’s bot feature; you can use the bots to take quizzes if you’ve got some time to kill, get fashion tips, news and advice. You can also bring a bot into your group chat to play games with your friends. Use your Kik code to connect quickly and easily with someone, and customise your Kik chats with loads of cool backgrounds. Our verdict: this app is useful as well as easy on the eyes!

We’re Certainly Feeling Appy About All This Choice!

All these mobile messaging apps are completely free so it’ll cost you nothing to share that funny meme with your mates. What’s more, these apps all work on both iOS and Android mobiles. Do you think you’ll take the plunge and try a new messenger app or two? Make sure that you have enough data to keep messaging your mates on all these different apps. Check out our SIM only plan, with 4GB data and unlimited texts and messages for just £10 a month.

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