What's the best mobile phone for taking selfies?

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Who doesn’t love a selfie? No Instagram page would be complete without a smattering of self-styled, self-captured pics showing all of your favourite looks. And honestly, sometimes your makeup is so gorgeous that it would be rude not to. However, it’s not always easy to capture all your best angels. It can take twenty attempts before the perfect shot if finally captured - we know the feeling well. So, how can you ensure your selfies are on point? Ensuring your mobile camera presents you in a flattering light is always a good start!

5 Top Mobiles For Snapping The Perfect Selfie

1. Get snapping like a pro

Huawei have been making waves in the mobile space; often competitively priced for advanced tech, these Android-operated mobiles are popular for good reason. The Huawei P20 Pro is a great option for selfie-lovers with not one, not two, but three cameras at the rear and a 24MP front-facing camera too. What’s more, the studio lighting setting will help ensure that your photos look profesh. Plus, its Night Sight feature works in selfie mode so there’s no need to settle for pixelated selfies when taking evening shots. After all, we’re often looking our best when we’re going on a night out with our mates…

2. Look sharp with Google’s latest model

Perhaps the queen of selfie-taking mobiles is Google’s Pixel 3. While the Pixel 2 wasn’t bad either, the 3 ramps it up a notch by adding a secondary wide-angle front camera and a host of other features to enhance your photography skills. You can now get more in your selfie shots by zooming out. HDR+ means that the Pixel takes loads of shots at different exposures before combining them into a final image; it also has a Night Sight feature that works similarly to HDR+ mode meaning that you can take pics in low light without using the flash - phew, nobody likes demon eyes. While it may be slightly more costly than some of the other options, can you really put a price on the best selfie ever?

3. Nokia could knock-ya-socks-off

The Nokia 7.1 is more of a mid-range mobile, with a very decent camera: it has an edge if you’re on a budget. This mobile has some pretty unusual camera features; it can take shots from both the front and rear camera simultaneously. Sound jazzy right? We think so! It also comes with fun features like masks, filters and 3D personas to make your photos even more shareable. Plus, you don’t need to worry about losing your snaps with Google Photos gallery.

4. Soft, glowing selfies with a Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has an 8MP front-facing camera, with an impressive f/1.7 aperture - this basically means the camera captures a lot of light for brighter, better quality photos so your selfies will still look good in low-lighting. It’s like you’ve got some built-in highlighter to give you some glow! As far as mobiles go it’s also pretty sleek, and has an incredible 128GM of built-in storage and up to 512GB of expandable storage so you’ll never have to delete a single snap. The feature that we’re most excited about is the S Pen which allows you to take pics without touching the mobile, making it ideal for taking pics with your mates. Group selfies aren’t just for the Oscars!

5. Make sure you honour the view (YOU!)

All dolled up and ready to go? Well, this is another mid-range mobile that your Insta page will thank you for. The Honor View 20 has an All-View screen and wows with megapixels rather than the number of lenses. A 25MP front camera with a f/2.0 aperture (basically captures lots of light) sits snugly within the screen and a comfortable, v-shaped pattern on the back of the mobile will make snapping selfies even easier. Choose between 128GB and 256GB of storage - how many selfies are you planning on taking? - while the 48MP main camera is extra sharp due to its ‘AI Ultra Clarity.’ Sounds pretty shiny!

Get snapping, it’s selfie time

A killer selfie is too good not to share - so go on, share that feeling! These mobiles are all great options when it comes to selfie-taking; a fab front-facing camera, value for money, and ample storage are certainly important factors when choosing a mobile that will set you up for selfie success. Do you have a top-notch selfie taking mobile and need more data to keep up your selfie standards? Our mobile plan - with 4GB of data, and unlimited calls and texts - can keep you snapping, sharing and chatting to your heart’s content!

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