Festival Survival Tips For Your Mobile Phone

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Festival Survival Tips For Your Mobile Phone

When it comes to being festival-ready this summer the first consideration you have is probably your outfit and then your glamping gear! However, make sure you spare a thought for one of your most precious possessions - your mobile phone. Having a mobile on you during the festival can make sure you keep track of your besties in the crowd, check when your fave act will be coming on stage, take some stellar snaps, and even let your parents know that you're still alive. So here a few tips to keep your mobile safe, secure, and powered up!

5 Top Tips To Help Your Mobile Survive A Festival

1. Dancing In The Rain?

We've all been to that festival that turns into a complete mud-bath. Keeping anything dry and mud free under these conditions can be a challenge! While most of your clothes can be thrown in the washing machine when you get home, your phone will need a dry bag to keep it safe. You might even want to invest in a fully waterproof case to make sure that you can keep it snap-ready while it stays mud and water free. Plus, a chunky case will help protect your precious mobile from drops - those screen repairs can be a tad pricey and we’d rather splash our cash on those cheeky cheesy fries at 2am. Take along some handy Superdrug wipes to keep your mobile case (and your face) looking fresh.

2. Be Safety Savvy

You may choose to take a cheaper mobile with you instead of your precious, shiny smart-phone. If that's the case then you should check out our SIM-only deal to make sure that you can text and get online to your heart's content! All our SIM plans are contract free so you won’t be tied down.

However, if you take your main mobile with you to snap some sharp pics and share that festival feeling with all your mates (who doesn't dig a festival insta story?), then make sure you keep your phone safe. Do your best to keep it out of reach of pickpockets; back pockets and open bags are best avoided when in crowds. At night, pop your mobile and other valuables at the bottom of your sleeping bag so nobody will be able to get at them without pulling you out first! We think a bum bag is also a fab accessory that will help keep your mobile close.

3. Do You Usually Pass On A Password?

If you find it a hassle to enter a code every time you want to chat with your friends then we hear ya! However, it's worth adding a passcode or fingerprint access to your phone as this can deter thieves and will make it difficult for them to access any sensitive information that you might have stored on your phone such as payment information or your email account. It’s also a good idea to add tracking software to your mobile so that your chances of finding it are better if it goes walkabout. And, although you're probably bursting with excitement, take the time to check that your phone is insured, especially if you have a swanky new model!

4. Have Some Juicy Gossip? You Need Juice To Share It!

Your mobile needs battery power to be of any use so make sure that you use these three battery-saving hacks to prevent yourself from getting in a pickle: turn down the screen brightness to conserve power (especially when it’s safely tucked away), close down unused apps to spare your precious data, and make sure that your automatic app updates are switched off. Your phone will have plenty of time to update when you’re back to normal life and there’s defs a better use for your battery - whether that’s filming Beyoncé or sharing your festival vibes on Facebook, Instagram AND Snapchat! Everyone will be super jel.

5. Bring Back-Up (And Your Dance Moves)!

Are you lucky enough to have a beautiful, sleek new mobile with a battery life that lasts for days? Well, for most of us, that magic doesn’t last very long! If you want to stay on the grid for the whole festival then consider investing in a proper heavy-duty portable charger. Did you know you can also get a mobile case with a built in charger, making it super easy to keep snapping away? Pretty slick, right! We suggest you get one that does multiple charges, especially if your phone is on its last legs! This festival essential will keep you covered and means you won’t miss a thing!

Share Those Festival Feels

If you are a bit apprehensive about taking your precious mobile with you over festival season, these hacks will help you feel more confident! Relax and enjoy your favourite acts, knowing that your mobile will be able to capture all your glittery selfies and have enough battery to share those highlight reels later! If you think you might need more flexibility from your mobile plan before you head to the festival then check out our SIM-only deal to get unlimited calls and texts as well as 4GB of data.

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