5 things to consider when choosing a new mobile phone

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So, you’ve finally decided it’s time to trade in your old handset and purchase a sparkling new phone, yay! But which one should you go for and how much should you spend? It’s often overwhelming when you’ve set out to bag yourself a new mobile, not to mention expensive, which is why we’ve written this quick guide to help you out… You can thank us later!

1. Battery Life

If you’re anything like us, you’re almost always scrolling through Facebook to find the funniest memes, which can seriously drain your battery. That’s why this is number one on our list – research battery life before buying! You don’t want to be known as that friend whose phone is ‘always dead’.

Easy ways to do this include reading product reviews or watching YouTube demos. You could even reach out to someone you know who already owns the device you’re interested in and have a chat about it to them. You want to try and look out for phones that can run for 10 hours or more on a single charge. If you still find yourself running out of juice at ridiculous speeds, I mean this happens to the best of us, you could also invest in a portable battery pack or a ‘lightning charger’ to get you back up to full capacity in no time.

2. Screen Size

With this one, we think its really down to personal preference, but it’s still a vital thing to consider before purchasing. For example, if you’re a keen gamer or watch a lot of videos you’ll probably be better off going with a larger handset model. Something within the screen size category of 5 to 6+ inches (which most modern phones fall into) may be best suited. Models such as the Google Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus 6 or Apple’s iPhone XS Max may be the most viable choices.

However, if you want to easily stash a light phone in your jean pockets and be able to use it in just one hand, you should go for a phone screen around the 4-ich mark. You may want to look at models similar to the screen size of Apple’s iPhone SE and Sony’s Xperia XZ1 Compact handset.

3. Android VS iOS

Whether you’re an Android addict or a loyal ‘iOS-er’, it’s worth considering which operating system is best suited to you. Is it time to jump ship? Or are you still happy riding out the same wave? FYI, an operating system refers to the software on a mobile phone that manages the way different programs use its hardware. If you feel torn between Android and iOS, the general advice around this debate is that Android offers more hardware choices and is often more affordable device wise, whereas iOS leads the way in offering the latest apps and delivering timely software updates.

We would recommend doing your research on both operating systems before buying a new phone. There’s so much information out there on this topic, that you can get a pretty good idea on the pros and cons to each fairly quickly. Here’s a great article that compares the two if you wanted to learn more.

4. Camera

Having a strong selfie game is always at the top of our agenda and you definitely need a good smartphone camera to achieve this. Let’s be honest, along with how long your battery lasts, the next thing you’re worried about is how good your pics are looking. You need to get this right.

Our recommendations when trying to navigate the minefield of smartphone cameras is to consider the following points:

The ability to take pictures in low light – If you don’t constantly have your selfie light to hand, you’ll need to have a phone that can take fabulous pics in low lighting. The majority of smartphones do have a strong built-in LED flash, but this is always something that’s worth checking. A dual LED is twice as bright as the standard ones and provides tonnes of light for your DIY photoshoots.

A decent amount of megapixels – Keep your eyes peeled for a smartphone that has between 12 and 21 megapixels to ensure you get some good quality snaps.

Its not all about the photos, what about the vids? – Smartphone cameras are getting better and better All. The. Time. Which makes it super easy to take pretty decent videos on your mobile. As the market is evolving you want to look out for two things regarding video; HD and 4K, having these features will guarantee you some beaut video footage.

5. Storage

How many times have you had to scroll through your photo gallery and brutally decided between deleting pictures of your family or your beloved dog? Yeah, we know that feeling. Not having enough phone storage is a right pain! And this is why you must consider how much storage a phone has before snapping it up – this way you can keep all your favourite memes, selfies and even cat videos too…

You can often save money by opting for a phone with a small amount of storage, but this isn’t always a wise decision, especially when apps are getting larger and photos can take up a lot of space. One thing you can do to compromise on storage space is invest in a micro SD card. This will give you some extra storage space, although do this with caution as this isn’t always an option for all handset models. We would recommend selecting a phone with at least 32GB of storage space to keep the peace, if you could stretch to a 64GB capacity this would be even better, yay!

Final thoughts...

Even though it may sound a bit silly, purchasing a phone is going to be one of the most expensive and important decisions that you make - so don’t feel like you have to settle! Take your time and do your research. Consider the points above and opt for the phone that will suit your specific wants and needs.

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