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Unlimited UK calls and texts
No UK data caps, no speed restrictions
Unlimited UK data, so no rollover needed!
Keep your number
Contract free, cancel anytime
Double Health & Beautycard points on all your Superdrug shopping
£20 in Health and Beautycard points when you start using your SIM

Unlimited means unlimited

No UK data caps

No UK data caps

Download all you like, there’s no stopping you.

No speed restrictions

No speed restrictions

Rest easy, nothing will change however much you’d like to binge-watch.

Take your number with you

Take your number with you

Keeping your old number is easy as pie – when you sign up, we’ll show you how.

No contract, no credit check

No contract, no credit check

Pause or cancel anytime. Simple as that.

How data roll-over works

How data rollover works

Any unused data is rolled over to next month, giving you an extra month to use it up.

Speedy two-day SIM delivery

Speedy two-day SIM delivery

Buy our SIM deal online and you’ll get your new SIM card within two working days, free of charge.

Own your data with usage alerts

You're in control

We'll let you know when you're almost out of data. You will never go over your limit, and you can always buy more. Yay!

One SIM fits all

One SIM fits all

Nano, Micro or Standard,
we’ve got all SIM sizes covered.

Joining is SIM-ple


Get your Superdrug Mobile SIM in store or online


Activate your new SIM and set up your account


Start using your calls, texts and data!

Frequently asked questions

  • Use your unlimited data however you like!

    · Are there any data restrictions?
    There are no UK data caps on our network.

    · Are there any speed restrictions?
    There are no speed restrictions on our plans.

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  • Having to tell everyone that you've got a new phone number is loooong, so let’s talk you through how to keep the one you already have!

    When you have set up your Superdrug Mobile account, and you have a working and active SIM you can start this process.

    You’ll need to request something called a PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code) from your previous network provider.

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  • You’re free to leave any time as we’re contract free, and there’s no credit check when you purchase a SIM

  • If you're travelling within Europe, you can absolutely roam on Superdrug Mobile. Calls and texts are unlimited. Data comes out of your monthly allowance or data add-ons up to our fair use limit of 12GB. If your plan is 15GB or more, your data will be capped at 12GB per month when in the EU and to continue to use data you need to purchase a data add-on.

    You'll be able to receive calls from abroad when you're in the UK too (we all have that one friend who loves to tell us all about their latest #nofilter beach pictures!). There are some European Countries that are not part of the EEA and EU, which are not eligible for inclusive roaming. Check this handy guide to see if the country you're travelling to is covered (under International Roaming).

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  • Your data is yours to use how you want. You can tether and use your phone as a mobile hotspot with your full allowance if you want to – enjoy!

  • When you buy a SIM it includes all 3 sizes of SIM that you could need:

    Standard SIM (the biggest size): if you’re using this one and you need a smaller version, you’ll notice it has 2 different sizes ready to be popped out inside it. Cool, huh?

    Micro SIM (the middle size): if you’re using this one and need a smaller version, there’s a smaller size within it ready to be popped out. Yay!

    Nano SIM (the smallest size): if you’re using this one and need to switch to a bigger size (if you still have the original card), the nano SIM fits back inside the card, so you can use this one instead. Perfect!

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  • Firstly (as we are super helpful), we’ll send you a text and an email when you’re almost out of data. We’ll then let you know when you’ve run out of data. You can buy extra data online 24/7!

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